2012-03-16 12.24.27

The last thing a penis sees

Username: Ulttimaa

Aliases: Ult, Ulttima'am, Queermosexufag

Faction: OPLV

Tier: Uber gay

Skin: OPLV Eelektross

Specialties: Pretending to be really good at video games

Likes: Buying bad video games, returning good video games, straight edge christian music

Dislikes: Going to school, Dis (he read it as "DIS I LIKE" XD)

Quotes: "I wish I had more holes so I could fit as many man sausages as possible inside of my body." - Ult on politics

"Ugh fuck, I skipped school to go to Gamestop and they wouldn't let me trade in my mom's credit card."