Sometimes there are big teams and big events. This can always be a problem when everyone uses their own skins willy nilly. Sometimes theme skins are used to help establish a team identity and have some fun. This page will document some of the popular theme skins that have been used.


Smogon Team Base SkinEdit

Made by RG in the first big OPLV vs Smogon battle the battlesuit is intened to be put over a default skin to allow for team identification and some sense of player identification and uniqueness


The original Smogcraft Suit

-Base Skin

Power Rangers SkinEdit

Layell would often wear the Red Ranger skin in and around smogcraft. After a quick match his teammates all agreed to also don the Power Rangers skins, (Layell red, not-gk blue, shanyall black, forks yellow, jamster pink). Green and white Could also be added with enough players.







OPLV SkinEdit

When OPLV is making a stand they get in this army gear to kick some ass. The headset means you have to have skype. Don't wear this skin if you aren't with them or you gonna get raped.

--OPLV Base Skin/



Their only weakness was their reliance on the drop pool

Some thought went into this, but I'm not sure how much. The basic idea of taking a popular character and using the same skin of it with different looks can be very entertaining

Team Red SamuraiEdit

gk, forks, sal, and matt went to town on some nigs

2012-03-19 19.57.34

Colour Specific ThemesEdit

Where everyone takes a skin colour that matches their team colour. Has been done for creating films for youtube and is generally useful for matches more than 4v4.