While other PvP Minecraft games generally frown on mods and tools, OO:SoS allows and encourages the use of certain modifications to your Minecraft. While these aren't mandatory, one should definitely consider installing these.

Better SprintingEdit

Necessity: 5/5

In OO:SoS, many battles are won by hitting your opponent off a bridge or planet into the abyss. In order to gain sufficient knockback to do this, sprinting is your best option. However, Minecrafts default option to sprint is not consistent. Double tapping forward can be glitchy and switching between sprint and walk speeds can spell your death in combat or when jumping between bridges.

Better Sprinting allows you to bind your sprinting action to a button. It will always give you continuous and instantaneous sprint, which is very useful. You can also set a toggle sprint key, if you choose. Better Sprinting also allows you to set a toggle crouch key. This lets you build bridges more safely as well as type while crouched, which can come in handy in random situations.