Onslaught Orbs: Spheres of Strife(OO:SoS) or to some people Call of Duty: Black OOSOPS is a competitive Minecraft PVP map. There are two teams, each given their own planet with the bare necessities to survive. The objective of the game is to safely infiltrate, stealthily or otherwise, into the other teams base and find the hidden switch to detonate their planet.


Players must advance towards enemy island and destroy it by triggering the TNT core via the hidden switch. The first team to successfully destroy the opposing team's planet is declared the winner.

How to Play:Edit

Each team begins on their respective islands with limited resources. Players are only allowed to use items found on the map to build their fortifications. Additional supplies can be found in the floating nodes around the map.

Rules & Regulations:Edit

1. Players may NOT cross the lava ocean via the use of obsidian(no flooding with water). Players MAY build near lava level with other materials.

2. Players MAY fortify their cores however they may NOT move or alter the switch.


4. TNT cores MUST be triggered via the switches. Players may not break through the glass cases to set off TNT.

5. Players may NOT obstruct the opposing team's water pool(this includes pouring lava into the pool) but players MAY obstruct their own pool. Nor may they access the opposing team's island via the glass roofing.