-The lava pillar has been removed in recent versions of the map, and has been replaced with the center planet.-Edit

The Lava Pillar sits in the center of the map and houses the Diamond Node.

Methods of entryEdit

There are two ways of getting into the Lava Pillar, each with their own pros and cons.


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Cobbling is the method of placing water at the top of the lava pillar, coating the the structure and turning all of the flowing lava into cobblestone. After the pillar is turned to cobble, there is plenty of room to walk about on the pillar itself and dig in towards the lava. Pockets of lava still remain under some of the cobble but a easily dispatched with blocks or water. In addition to being the easier and safer method of accessing the node itself, it makes obtaining the diamond itself possible, which is great for swords.

However, cobbling has two serious drawbacks: it is obvious and it is equally accessible to both teams. A team that attempts to cobble the lava pillar needs to be prepared to defend it, because the other team will immediately notice the attempts and likely try to intercept. The bulge of the pillar makes a great platform and an easy place for the other team to access, creating a battlefield for access to the node. In summary, cobbling the pillar yourself does not mean you will be the one to get the content.


Tunneling is the second method of accessing the node. Thanks to the node within, you can build off of it and create a tunnel to displace the lava enough to allow access to the node. This is more dangerous than cobbling, but it is also much less obvious; provided the other team isn't advancing, it's possible for you to be in and out with the contents without the other team ever knowing. Another drawback is that this method does not allow for effective mining of the Diamond itself.