The Home Planets are what one will be both defending and attacking (if they should make it to the other side). It is where most things important to the team will be stored, such as theirstarting goods, items from claimed nodes, and the items the mother has been farming. The home planet is also where the team's bed will be located unless they have set up a forward base.


Cobble generatorEdit

Also called a cobble gen, it is standard for teams is to build a standard cobble gen on either side of the planet, allowing the mother to quickly turn to the side to spot incoming attackers. Many times mothers will set up a battlestation at their cobble gen, allowing for easier access to the crafting bench, furnace, and other items crucial to continuing the flow of swords and pickaxes. Rarely, a mother might build a wall behind them to prevent rushers from knocking them out of the cobble gen.


The bedroom is where the team will sleep to set their spawn. Popular spots for the bedrooms are on the back "corners" of the planet, making it easy for the team to knock rushers off the side in a single blow. Bedrooms are often fortified with an iron door and a cobble shell, preventing attackers without a pickaxe from getting in. However, teams must be careful to place cobble under the door, or a rusher can simple dig away the dirt block in a matter of seconds and get in. Until the fortification trend, they were a popular spot to run into and dig down to aim for the switch.