Mother Forks about to pounce on some niggas

Username: CactusMaster

Aliases: Forks, CM, froks, frocks, mother froks

Faction: Smogon

Tier: OU

Skin: Mother Dinosaur

Specialties: Mothering, Interesting new strategies, low bridging

Likes: This nigga so neutral, low bridging, repeatedly re-coding skype, the phallus

Dislikes: See likes also SPOONS

Quotes: "Tell me wife I said... hello" "I'm Forks." "It's me, Forks." "No, I'm Forks." "Forks here." "I am the Forks." "May the Forks be with you." "I think we should play OO:SOS but I will log on 10 minutes late and leave 20 minutes before everyone else."