"The dictionary defines a cobblestone generator as a generator which produces cobblestone. And that is why the dictionary is stupid." - Disfunction

Cobblestone generators, or cobble gens, are composed of flowing lava and water which collide to create a block of cobblestone. Though other sources of cobblestone are available in the second node chests and the center planet, the average team harvests most of its cobblestone from a generator. Typically this duty falls on the mother. As cobblestone is among the most valuable resources in abundance, cobble gens are widely considered integral to the functionality of any team. The resultant cobblestone is used for tools, bridges and fortifications.

How to BuildEdit

Among the team's earlygame obectives in any given OO:SoS match is the development of a working cobblestone generator. There are many ways to build a generator, only a few have ever seen mainstream success.

Standard Cobble GenEdit


Gkrople the Thief Gen

Also known as the GKropal gen, this model has become the current standard. It is quickly and easily made, snugly fitting on one side of the planet. Its construction yields 26 spare dirt blocks for earlygame bridging, and the generator itself produces 6 blocks of cobble at a time and affords the mother a useful view of the team's stairway. Compared to the previous standard, the Forks gen (below), it is hardrer for enemy rushers to destroy. If built too close to the spawn pool, however, it is possible for a careless mother to dig out the dirt behind the cobblestone, exposing the lava source to the water flow and causing it to turn to obsidian.

Las Forks EspecialesEdit


The Winston DoubleEdit


The Winston Double

  • Can be operated by multiple people
  • Safe to operate
  • Produces two single block generators while only using two buckets
  • Operator can provide lookout support


  • Not very subtle
  • Easy to destroy
  • Takes precision to build
  • Has never been built in a game of OO:SoS, ever

The Grumble GenEdit


The Grumble Gen

  • Creates four cobble blocks at a time
  • Great for large quantities of blocks or long games
  • Operator can sit back and see on either side
  • Can be operated by multiple people
  • imdabes


  • Takes a lot of time to build
  • Uses two lava buckets
  • Needs a lot of room